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Rio Claro: Try this incredible Single origin coffee roasted light. The large, even beans roast beautifully, and provide an exceptionally smooth cup with remarkable clarity of flavour and a clean, balanced acidity. This is a great example of pure Colombia; approachable, flavoursome coffee with very sophisticated delivery. Drink this as espresso, as plunger, or in a siphon- it works on all levels.

Loma Verde: Try this incredible single origin coffee dark roasted. Smooth and straight shooting classic Colombian coffee. Dominant flavour of dark cocoa with hints of cherry, molasses and cola. What we found very interesting about this one, was the mouth feel- it has a certain sparkle that tingles the palate.
Classic Colombian qualities- with extras!

tip coffe

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La Hacienda Caffe offers a large range of coffees from all over the world to develop any type of blend.

Our Menu:
Ethiopia, India, Brasil, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, PNG, Salvador, and of course Colombia.
La Hacieda Caffe gives you the opportunity of choosing any type of bean listed above so you can create your own custom blend.

mundo coffe

*For Blends that are already developed by our Master Roaster please contact us on 1300322710